What if…

In this resource we hope to walk you through options, what to expect, and other valuable information that may be helpful as you go on this journey. Of course, every case is unique and may not fit exactly within these pages, but we are hoping to give general material and some, but not all, possible options. If you believe that we are missing a key piece of information, please feel free to contact us here.


… I’m a Victim/Survivor

What happened to you is not your fault.  You are not alone. Navigating your next steps as a survivor may be difficult. If you are unsure of what to do, look through some of your options to better understand what each process may look like by clicking below.


… I’m a friend or ally

We know it can be hard to know what to say or do to help. You are selfless for beginning this healing journey with your friend and for looking for resources, and searching for ways to help. If you would like some ideas on how to do so, click below.


… I’m Reporting suspected or known abuse as a professional

The reporting process can be intimidating and nerve wracking to start. If you would like a better understanding of what the process will look like for you, click below for more information.


Thank you to our partners who helped to review and advise on this project: Victim Rights Law Center, and the Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Expert Advisory Group