Printable Resources

These resources are meant to be downloaded and distributed. Please feel free to share widely. We ask that their use be non-commercial, and that the resources not be changed in any way.

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National Survivor Resources

Hotlines, and websites that help connect survivors nation-wide with resources like counseling, support groups, and statistics.

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Survivor Healing Resources

An overview of books, practices, products, and hotlines that survivors have found healing in their journeys.

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Educate2empower Posters

Books and posters to empower children, and to help educate them on what a safe and healthy relationship looks like.

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My Yucky Feeling

My Yucky Feeling addresses the fact that we have an internal alarm system when danger is near, this can be described as “My Yucky Feeling” and can help keep us safe when in harm’s way. This book can be used as a teaching tool, as well as a therapeutic aid.