The Army of Survivors FAQ

What is The Army of Survivors currently working on?

The Army of Survivors is working hard to provide resources to survivors and their allies, advocate for culture change, educate the community, and build sustainability within the organization. To see some of the goals we are working on right now, take a look at our strategic plan.

Are you only advocating for athlete survivors?

While our mission is to bring awareness, accountability, and transparency regarding the sexual violence against athletes at all levels, the goal is that our work will impact survivors of any type of sexual violence. Our objectives are to continue to distribute and create resources, continue advocacy work in the state and the nation through educating leaders on laws and bills to protect athletes from sexual violence, and bring more education and awareness to sexual violence. Our partnerships with other organizations and in broader projects that support our mission will ensure we support all survivors with our organization filling the void, and being the voice for survivors in sport. If you need additional support, please click here for more resources.

Are you only advocating for sports survivors in Michigan?

No. We hope to make an impact nationally with the work that we are doing.


The Army of Survivors will support survivors through small grants to nonprofit organizations that support our mission; We will dedicate our time to resource creation, advocacy, and education. The organization will advocate for legislation that provides survivors better access to justice, and support educating youth and communities about sexual violence, its repercussions, and prevention methods. For more information here is a detailed breakdown of the number of hours that will be spent within our organization. For more information please see our strategic plan. None of those involved in our foundation are paid.

5% Newsletter and Annual Report

20% Resource Creation

10% Sharing Stories

10% Digital Content Creation

20% Educating State and Community Leaders

5% Grant Gifting

5% Relationship Building

10% Survivor Input

10% Community Participation

5% Shed Light on Community Issues

Can I give monthly donations?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this giving option currently. We anticipate that this option will become available in 2019 to Michigan residents only.

What are the tax implications of my donation?

The foundation was incorporated in the state of Michigan on August 2nd, 2018. We are awaiting approval from the IRS regarding our 501(c)(3) application. Contact your tax professional regarding tax benefits of donations.

Do we represent the views of the Sister survivors?

Our statements and actions has a limited ability to represent all narratives of the Sister Survivors. Many of our founding volunteers are Sister Survivors, but we are a separate entity. However, we fully support the Sister Survivors and all other survivors of sexual violence.

General FAQ

What is sexual abuse?

According the American Psychological Association sexual abuse is unwanted sexual activity with perpetrators using force, making threats or taking advantage of victims not able to give consent. More than 90% of victims know their perpetrators. Immediate reactions to sexual abuse include shock, fear, and disbelief. Survivors demonstrate these emotions in many different ways that may or may not look like distress to untrained observers.Long-term effects of sexual abuse and rape include feelings of anxiety, fear, powerlessness, and post-traumatic stress disorder. While efforts to treat sex offenders remain unpromising, psychological interventions for survivors — especially group therapy — appears effective.

What is the difference between sexual abuse & assault?

When perpetrators use force that is immediate, of short duration, or is infrequent, the incident is referred to as a sexual assault rather than abuse. We support survivors of both traumas.